• Aufort – exclusive investment opportunity

    Aufort – exclusive investment opportunity

    Aufort recently passed a successful vote in the Revenue Capital’s community. 430 RVC holders voted for 195.92 M of which 90% voted YES, 7% voted ABSTAIN, and only 3% voted NO. Aufort is proudly accepted by the community and is welcome to join the Revenue Ecosystem.

    Due to the high interest by the community, Aufort is considering a launchpad and ICO together with Revenue Capital. In addition to the voting reward pool (€3,000 EUR in AUFGLD tokens), Aufort has also decided to give to the community an exclusive opportunity to invest in the company, before the launchpad and ICO.

    In 2020-2022 Aufort has had two private funding rounds. 165 angel investors (including several well-known and experienced investors) have already trusted the company by investing more than half million euros. In the 2nd round, €500k worth of bonds were issued of which €193,200 is currently on offer. Investment can be done via SPV (Aufort Invest II OÜ) on the Ignium* platform. In total, for €500k 10% of the holding company (SMI Group OÜ) is on offer. Revenue Capital has done the due diligence and has verified that investing in Aufort is fully secure and trusted.

    The minimum investment per investor is €1,000 which means that only up to 194 investors can use this opportunity. If someone invests more than €1,000, the number of investors decreases even more. It is possible to invest until March 31, 2023 or until the maximum target of €193,200 is reached.

    After the funding round is closed, Ignium enables to trade with the bonds in the secondary market that makes the investment liquid. More information regarding Aufort and the current round can be found

    * Ignium is a trusted funding platform owned by the crypto exchange Coinmetro.

    How to invest?

    1. Sign up on Ignium ( and go through personal identification process;
    2. After you account has been verified, log in to your account and click on the dashboard “Deposit” button and transfer money to your Ignium client asset account;
    3. After the deposit is confirmed click Market -> Companies -> Aufort (or and click the “Invest” button and follow the instructions.

    For any questions, please contact the Aufort team directly: [email protected]

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