• Aufort: DLT Meets Gold Market

    Aufort: DLT Meets Gold Market

    Precious metals have been a staple of wealth preservation and investment for centuries. From gold to silver, these precious commodities have proven to be both reliable and profitable for those who invest in them, especially as a hedge against inflation.

    With the rise of digital technology, there is a growing interest in investing in precious metals through online platforms like Aufort, while having immutable proof of ownership. Aufort offers a new way for investors to gain exposure to the precious metals market in a safe, secure, and convenient manner through web3 technology.

    In this article, we will take a closer look at what Aufort has to offer and why we think it might be an interesting project for the RevenueCoin community to invest in.

    What is Aufort and are they trustworthy?

    Aufort is a platform where users can buy, sell, store, redeem, and send gold digitally, through web3 technologies.

    With Aufort, users can easily and instantly swap cryptocurrency for gold, making it possible to diversify their portfolio and hedge against market volatility.
    The platform also offers automated (DCA) investing, which means users can set up regular, recurring purchases of tokenized gold, providing a simple and hassle-free way to accumulate gold over time. This strategy is part of their focus on user experience and usability, making their platform ideal for beginners and inexperienced users to get easy exposure to tokenized gold. Moreover, sending gold instantly between users is free of charge, making it an ideal solution for peer-to-peer transactions.

    Aufort is dedicated to ensuring that the platform remains secure, transparent, and reliable. Aufort is a member of the Estonian E-commerce Association and the E-commerce Europe that stimulate cross-border e-commerce through better protection for consumers and merchants by establishing one European set of rules. In December 2022, Ecommerce Europe issued Aufort a national Ecommerce Europe Trustmark.

    By combining the benefits of gold with the advantages of web3 technology, Aufort offers a powerful investment solution for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio and build wealth over time.

    Technology Behind Aufort: Directed Acyclic Graph

    Unlike traditional blockchain-based systems, the platform uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology to validate its transactions. DAG is a distributed database structure that is arranged in a graph-like network, allowing for faster transaction processing times and increased scalability.

    The Tangle, a unique data structure of DAG-based systems, connects each transaction to two previous transactions, creating a graph-like structure. This eliminates the need for blocks, and hence the need for miners, which results in lower transaction fees. The DAG technology used by Aufort allows for faster transaction processing and a lower cost.

    Furthermore, DAG technology ensures secure and transparent transactions without the need for a central entity. Each transaction in DAG references previous transactions, making the system highly resistant to tampering. The integrity of the data is crucial for Aufort, and DAG technology guarantees secure and reliable transactions.

    DAG technology also provides efficient and secure management of digital assets, which is essential for Aufort. Additionally, DAG technology eliminates the scalability issues that traditional blockchain-based systems face, enabling the platform to handle an increasing number of transactions without congestion or high fees.

    In summary, Aufort’s use of DAG technology is a significant development for the platform. It provides faster, cheaper, and more scalable transaction processing, ensuring secure and reliable transactions.

    Aufort’s Team: Experienced and Dedicated

    The team behind Aufort is composed of experienced professionals from various fields, including finance, technology, and precious metals. The team has a deep understanding of the precious metals market and a commitment to providing investors with the best possible experience. Additionally, the team is dedicated to ensuring that the platform remains secure, transparent, and reliable.

    RevenueCoin and the Community: The Future of Investment

    RevenueCoin is disrupting the field of venture capital by empowering investors of all sizes to invest in start-ups and scale-ups that are building the technologies of tomorrow.

    RevenueCoin is community-driven, meaning that the community plays a crucial role in shaping the investment strategy. RevenueCoin is now considering supporting Aufort and wants to know what the community thinks.

    We believe that Aufort is a promising opportunity and we would like to invite our community to vote on whether RevenueCoin should support this company. The community’s vote will play a crucial role in shaping our strategy, and we believe that it is essential to gather the thoughts and opinions of our community. To cast your vote, log in to the RevenueCoin website and navigate to the voting panel. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this exciting investment opportunity.


    Aufort is a platform that offers investors a new and exciting way to invest in the precious metals market through web3 technology. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, an experienced team, and a commitment to security and transparency, Aufort is well-positioned to deliver strong returns for investors.

    RevenueCoin is considering supporting Aufort and wants to know what the community thinks. We believe that this is an exciting opportunity to support a platform that has the potential to deliver strong returns for investors. We encourage you to cast your vote and help shape the future of investments with RevenueCoin.

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