• Dexer Private offer for Revenue Community

    Dexer Private offer for Revenue Community

    The offer begins on April 18th. prepared a private offer for the sale of Dexer tokens directed to the Revenue community. This offer will be available from April 18th to 25th for holders of at least 100,000 RVC tokens. The token pool is limited, so the sale may end earlier than expected.

    The project received a very high rating in our voting, and there were questions on our social channels about the possibility of buying project tokens. So, we decided to negotiate special terms with Dexer. In short, by investing in Dexer tokens, RVC holders will receive a bonus equal to 100% of the invested amount from Dexer’s revenue.

    Observing the market and reviewing hundreds of projects, we have noticed the following problems:

    1. The token economy of projects is often disconnected from the company’s development. The project develops perfectly, increases its revenue, but token owners do not benefit from it.
    2. Startups, even with significant revenues, spend all of their money on developing the company, which means that profits only appear after several years of operation. In this situation, investors must wait years for a fair valuation of their investment.

    Taking the above into account, we believe that Dexer’s offer overcomes all of these difficulties.

    The only variable element of this investment is the time in which investors will receive their bonus. Dexer will allocate 4% of its monthly revenue as a bonus for token buyers, up to the amount of their investment. The fact, however, is that Dexer is already operating and generating revenue, so bonus tokens will start accumulating almost immediately. The higher the revenue, the faster this bonus will be collected. By visiting, you will be able to check the amount of bonus (in BUSD or USDT) that is already accumulated for your specific wallet.

    Receive an additional bonus equal to 100% of the invested amount.The bonus does not depend on the market situation or token prices.

    How to take advantage of this offer? Find the details at this link

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