• How to Invest in Crypto Companies?

    How to Invest in Crypto Companies?

    Crypto companies work on blockchain mechanisms. The original goal of blockchain technology, a digital ledger that tracks transactions between parties and verifies ownership of crypto assets, was to establish a borderless, efficient, and secure electronic cash payment system.

    Why invest in Crypto Companies?

    Blockchain exchange-traded funds (ETFs) allow investors to easily participate in hundreds of firms developing blockchain-based strategies, allowing them to take advantage of the technology’s enormous potential.

    However, investing in firms even more influential, more established organizations that profit from the rising popularity of blockchain and crypto-assets is a superior approach to obtaining exposure to the market. Over the last several years, the revenue crypto service providers have derived from blockchain technology has exploded.


    Which crypto companies to invest in?

    You can invest (buy crypto stocks) based on different factors to your liking. Here are some examples:

    Coinbase (COIN)

    Coinbase is a famous platform for cryptocurrency and exchange. This is also a crypto company to invest in by directly buying its stock. Here you can invest directly with USD. This platform allows you to buy more than 30 plus coins, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

    Moreover, you can earn interest on your USD or earn token rewards by completing different activities. Furthermore, you will get a $5 bonus when you open an account.

    The interface of Coinbase is simple and easy to use. Here are some essential features of Coinbase.

    • This is a fully secure platform, and it has a high level of security and trustworthiness.
    • Here you can select the best token and coins to invest in
    • Private keys controlled by Coinbase
    • It adopts cryptocurrency when it becomes trustworthy.

    Silver Capital (SI)

    Silvergate Capital is a bank that has created the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN). This proprietary real-time payments system allows institutional traders to transmit transparent transactions to cryptocurrency exchanges and other network participants.

    Because cryptocurrencies trade in real-time and the US payment system does not, Silvergate has simplified the trading process for all parties involved. The payments system has also formed a corporation that will gain significantly from higher interest rates.

    ProShares Bitcoin Strategy (BITO)

    The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) is the first bitcoin-linked ETF in the United States, providing investors with a straightforward, liquid, and transparent way to acquire exposure to bitcoin returns. By managing exposure to bitcoin futures contracts, the Fund’s principal purpose is to provide financial appreciation.

    BITO is important because it provides a more straightforward way to get exposure to bitcoin with the liquidity and transparency of an EFT.

    ETFs offers the investor a convenient way to incorporate rapidly growing assets into their holdings as:

    ● A fence against inflation FIAT investments

    ● A complement to bonds and stocks

    ● Its a replacement for a tangible asset like gold etc

    Bitcoin futures ETF

    A bitcoin ETF tracks the digital currency’s price and allows people to invest in it without trading bitcoin.

    Investing in a bitcoin ETF eliminates the need for cryptocurrency investors to worry about complicated storage and security protocols.

    The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF was the first cryptocurrency ETF to begin trading in October 2021.

    There are a variety of alternative funds available that allow investors to have exposure to bitcoin without having to handle the digital assets themselves.

    Two types of ETFs:

    The first is a digital currency that is backed by real money. The fund’s investment firm makes cryptocurrency purchases, and shares indicate ownership of the coins. Investors that purchase shares in the ETF are indirectly purchasing bitcoins. As a result, owners can get exposure to cryptocurrencies without paying the high cost and risk of owning ownership.

    The second is a synthetic version that tracks bitcoin derivatives such as futures contracts and cryptocurrency exchange-traded instruments (ETPs). For example, many ETFs filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States track the prices of bitcoin futures contracts traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

    Benefits of ETFs:

    ● Convenience – Investing in a Bitcoin ETF gives you exposure to the price of Bitcoin without having to learn how it works, sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange, or risk the risks of owning Bitcoin directly.

    ● Tax efficiency

    ● Diversification

    Bit Farms (BITF)

    Bitcoin miners, also known as farmers, conduct their operations on this farm to collect digital currency. The Bitcoin network’s backbone comprises the farmers who process these currencies. The network would fail if farmers were not there, eventually losing all value.

    Indirect participation in mining businesses, often known as mining equity, is a newer mining investment. This investment is comparable to buying stock in a firm that makes a product. Companies that own and maintain many Bitcoin mining machines, for example, might offer investors indirect participation by selling share stakes in their companies.

    Tokens also guarantee daily hash rate power (input) and a fair part of mined bitcoin to investors, combining the advantages of indirect investing with direct mining operations.

    Upcoming companies to invest in.


    Last year (2021) was the year of IPOs ( initial public offerings). According to wall street, they recorded almost 1000 smashing the previous annual record by more than 50%. Here are some upcoming IPOs to watch for investment.


    It is a popular communicating tool in gaming and cryptocurrency communities. It is confident in its growing ability. In September 2021, this company raised revenue of $500 million at a $15 billion valuation.

    Revenue Coin

    Revenue Coin is a BEP-20 coin part of the Revenue Capital ecosystem, which helps potential high-tech businesses by distributing funding and providing access to a shared consumer base. 

    The tokenomics of Revenue Coin encourages the demand for RVC tokens to grow over time. Exeria and SkyRocket are two of Revenue Capital’s current portfolio companies. Both make money by providing API trading solutions for crypto investors, increasing profits based on the trading volume on these exchanges. Read more about Revenue Coin

    Use other ways to invest in crypto companies

    Crypto funds

    In recent years, the rise of crypto or digital assets has shaken the financial markets, making it one of the most popular assets and ushering in a new era of investment techniques. The numerous advantages of blockchain capabilities (transparency, fluid transactions, flexibility) and the diversity of financial instruments (tokens, crypto-currencies, etc.) available for the managers and investors to pick from further strengthen this.

     Crypto vs. Stocks

    Both crypto and stocks have their pros and cons. Having a diversified portfolio is a great approach to reduce risks (don’t put all eggs in one basket). Let’s look at a few pros of crypto and stocks:

    Pros of investing in cryptocurrency:

    ● Decentralized money. It is also called “digital gold” by some crypto investors.

    ● High potential for outsized gains

    ● The number of coins and capital in crypto is growing (More than 2.5 trillion dollars in total)

    Pros of investing in stocks:

    ● Strong regulation of the market by financial institutions

    ● They have a strong history of solid returns

    ● They are accessible

    Blockchain ETFs

    These are the backbone of cryptocurrency. Blockchain exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are thematic exchange-traded funds that invest in equities of companies that use or develop blockchain technology. They invest a high percentage of their assets in Bitcoin or crypto ETFs, focusing on tracking the prices of specific cryptocurrencies.

    Bitcoin and Ethereum like cryptocurrencies are currently the most popular blockchain applications. The technology has the potential to serve a far more comprehensive range of applications. For example, Walmart’s Canadian division created an automated system for processing invoicing and payments for its logistical partners using blockchain technology.

     Crypto exchange and broker stocks

    Traditional brokers offer diverse investment options, albeit you can typically only trade Bitcoin futures with them directly. On the other hand, crypto exchanges are limited to digital currencies.

    Venture capitals funding crypto companies

    The crypto industry is growing fast, As it is compared with the gold rush. With the industry growth, users are witnessing the rush of investors to the crypto space. Venture capitalists are increasingly looking to cryptocurrency businesses if there is profit to expand their investment portfolios.

    In cryptocurrency, venture capital financing is not much different from typical venture capital funding, with one exception: In venture capital funding, large lumps of a company are formed and sold to a few investors. Sometimes these partnerships consist of several similar enterprises.

    Bottom line

    Investing in crypto companies can be very fruitful to one’s portfolio. The disruptive nature of this technology makes it more valuable and attractive to many investors. Of course, one should understand investing in crypto companies is never without risks. Test and learn and starting with relatively small amounts can leverage you experience in the industry without to much financial exposure, which can be expanded when more comfortable. One thing is sure: The blockchain industry is increasing its pace and size. Picking some good projects can be highly profitable to one’s portfolio.

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