• How to Trade SRVC tokens on PancakeSwap (PCS)

    How to Trade SRVC tokens on PancakeSwap (PCS)

    Getting ready to trade on PancakeSwap exchange

    Trading on PancakeSwap is very easy compared to most exchanges. You aren’t going to be overloaded with charts and calculations are all handled for you.

    1. Go to the exchange page here.

    2. Unlock your Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet by clicking Unlock Wallet (you can also Connect in the top right-hand corner). If you haven’t yet downloaded or connected your wallet to PancakeSwap, you can find the guide to visiting the following link:
    Unlock wallet.

    3. Choose the token you want to trade from the dropdown menu in the “From” section. The default setting is BNB.

    Whichever token you choose, you will need to make sure you have some to trade with. Your balance is shown above the token dropdown menu.

    4. Choose the token you want to trade to in the “To” section as above (in our case will be SRVC, that you will need to add following the instructions in the link). Next, type an amount for your “To” currency by clicking inside the input box.

    SRVC contract address: 0x40566447e5662ec1e609ac5679ea3d070080a522

    Your “From” currency amount will be estimated automatically. You can also type your “From” amount and have the “To” amount estimate automatically if you like.

    5. Check the details, and click the Swap button.


    6. A window with more details will appear. Check the details are correct.

    Confirm Swap

    When you are ready, click the Confirm Swap button. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.

    7. Done! You can click View on BscScan to see your transaction details on the explorer.

    Transaction submitted

    Please, keep in mind that the Contract Address for SRVC will be provided at the proper time for you to add it to your Crypto Wallet (MetaMask in our examples), and to PancakeSwap in order to be able to buy/swap/exchange your SRVC Tokens.

    For instructions on how to “Add Custom Token”, please refer to the following article on our blog.

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