• ICOs: Private and Public Sales

    ICOs: Private and Public Sales

    There are a few ways to get a new coin into the crypto market. One of the most popular ways is through an ICO. 

    ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which we’ve written about here. This is the first time a coin or token is offered for the public to buy. The ICO process may have a couple of steps: Private Sales before Public sales. However, some projects skip the Private Sales and jump right into a Public Sale. 

    Benefits of investing in the early stages of an ICO

    Generally, the earlier you get a coin, the better. This is because coins and tokens yet to ICO are offered at a lower price during the early stages. This leads to more room for capital growth and gives you more return on investment. 

    Another benefit of investing early is that you build a closer relationship with the people running the project. This is beneficial because you can get updates and access before the public as the project develops. 

    How it works

    The typical stages of an ICO are:

    • Private sale
    • Public sale

    Let’s take a look at each in detail.

    Private sale

    The Private Sale stage is commonly referred to as either Presale or Private Sale, but they mean the same thing. This is when the coins are first offered to a closed network of investors. These investors may include family members, close friends, business associates, and prominent capital investors. 

    Getting in during a Private Sale is the best time to pick up tokens. You get the best price and the best network effect by getting closer to the core project team. 

    You may also get access to exclusive early investor groups. Here, you receive regular updates and the chance to vote on decisions made to determine the project’s direction. 

    A disadvantage of getting in at this stage is that there may be long periods of illiquidity, but this is to be expected if you believe in the project’s eventual success. You take on more risk at the early stage and reap the most rewards. 

    Public sale

    The Public Sale is the first time a coin is accessible to be bought by the general public. For some projects, this is when they are listed on popular exchanges, and for others, they are made available to a wider pool of buyers through a private platform, while gearing towards a launch event or the TGE (Token Generation Event).

    If a coin is listed and tradable during the Public Sale stage, you should be careful as there’s usually some price volatility when it first goes live. Presale investors may start to sell their coins to make profits and free up funds. It pays to let the dust settle before making decisions to buy or sell. It’s also worth holding onto your initial convictions that made you invest in the coin. 

    Innovative coins and tokens reduce Public Sale volatility through well-designed tokenomics and vesting methods. Revenue Coin, for example, has airtight tokenomics and vesting periods to ensure its success.

    Revenue Coin has been through a successful Private Sale stage, surpassing its soft goal of $2.5m, and is currently in the Public Sale stage without being listed on exchanges yet. The token is scheduled to be listed on popular crypto exchanges 1-2 weeks after TGE on 6 December 2021.

    How to find and invest in the best ICOs

    Finding promising ICOs can be very lucrative, but where do you find them?

    It may be difficult to get into the Presale stage with most coins because these are typically offered to a closed network first. However, websites like ICO Drops often list presale offerings.

    Websites to find early ICO opportunities include:

    Details listed on these sites include:

    • Coins currently being offered for sale
    • Length of the presale period
    • Minimum investment amount allowed

    From here, you can do some more in-depth research on each coin, toke, or project to decide on which has the best potential to compound your investments. 

    Look for projects fulfilling a gap in the market or doing things much better than their competitors. 

    Look for strong and transparent teams with solid experience and credentials to ensure that you’re investing in a legitimate project. And seek trustworthy experts’ opinions to back up your research before going all in. 

    Why it is important to start now to bet on the future and invest in ICOs

    There is no better time than now to start investing in ICOs. There are more cryptocurrency projects than ever. Many industries are being tokenised, allowing for more ownership between both users and builders of products. 

    With the world as we know it developing rapidly, it’s hard to fully imagine how the future would look. But if there’s anything we can do, it’s to join the revolution and be part of those changing the world. 

    Investing in ICOs can be risky, but they are also highly rewarding. If you’re paying attention to the future and want to build wealth and assets for the future, now is the time to begin some research. Find the best projects of tomorrow and invest in them today. 

    Visit to get started. Imagine you could be investing in the next Bitcoin or Ethereum today!

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