• Jade Vault: Unveiling the Beauty and Value of Jadeite

    Jade Vault: Unveiling the Beauty and Value of Jadeite


    Jade Vault, a visionary company in the realm of jade, has been established with the aim of building and trading the largest inventory of processed jade worldwide. With a keen eye on tapping into the immense potential of the 50 billion dollar jade market, Jade Vault has strategically partnered with the owners of the largest jade deposit on the planet, paving the way for an exciting new chapter in the industry. Through an offtake agreement and shared ownership, Jade Vault secures the unique opportunity to purchase 25 million kilograms of jade at a highly discounted rate, ensuring a consistent supply of this coveted gemstone.

    Jade Vault’s Journey:

    Founded in June 2022, Jade Vault wasted no time in securing the necessary financing to propel the mine into production within a matter of months. As a testament to its dedication, Jade Vault has already acquired a substantial amount of mined jade, with a total of 1.40 million kilograms purchased. The export of raw jade to China has already commenced, where it will undergo meticulous processing, transforming it into refined blocks and a myriad of stunning finished products. A strategic decision has been made to allocate 70% of the processed jade for long-term storage in Dubai, while the remaining 30% will be made available for sale into the wholesale market as exquisite, finished pieces.

    The Distinction of Jadeite and Nephrite:

    At Jade Vault, the exclusive focus lies on Jadeite, one of the two distinct minerals that constitute jade. Distinguished by its sodium aluminium silicate composition, Jadeite boasts higher density and hardness, making it highly coveted for its durability and the mesmerizing array of colors it showcases. To ensure authenticity and quality, Jade Vault adheres to the globally recognized official standard for genuine, untreated Jadeite, known as ‘Type A Fei Cui.’

    The Beauty and Value of Jade:

    Jade’s enduring allure extends beyond its exquisite appearance, reaching deep into the realms of culture, symbolism, and inherent virtues. Revered by ancient civilizations spanning centuries, jade has become a gemstone of immense traditional importance, particularly in China. Its smoothness is associated with the virtue of humanity, while its translucence embodies justice, and its sound reflects wisdom. With its inherent hardness, jade represents courage, and its purity symbolizes honesty. These qualities make jade highly desirable for those seeking good luck and fortune.

    As the admiration for jade continues to grow, the gemstone’s value has experienced rapid appreciation over the past decade. The unique nature of each jade piece, coupled with its scarcity, contributes to its subjective value. Jewelry crafted from the finest Imperial Jadeite, renowned for its translucent green hue, commands exceptional rarity and fetches remarkable prices at prestigious auctions. Notable instances include the sale of a famous necklace once owned by Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, which fetched over $27.4 million at a Sotheby’s auction.


    Jade Vault is uniquely positioned in the  jade industry, poised to redefine the market by capitalizing on its strategic partnership and unique access to a bountiful supply of jade. With an unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality and genuine Jadeite, Jade Vault is set to become a major B2B jadiete supplier offering a diverse range of meticulously processed jade products, ranging from intricately carved designs and exquisite jewelry pieces to decorative ornaments and more. As the company prepares for the commencement of jade sales in September, it paves the way for a new era in the jade market, bringing the captivating beauty and enduring value of jadeite to discerning customers worldwide.

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