• Meet Exeria, Our First Portfolio Company

    Meet Exeria, Our First Portfolio Company

    One of the unique aspects of the Revenue Coin and Revenue Capital Accelerator ecosystem is its backing by an allocation of revenues of fast-growing portfolio companies within it. These are startups in fintech, blockchain, AI, ML, and Web 3 industries, driving technological advancements and building the infrastructures of the future and Internet of tomorrow.  Continuous increase in Revenue Coin’s value depends on the careful selection of these portfolio companies to be funded. Their expected revenue growth contributes to increasing RVC token value over time.  Meet our second selected portfolio company, Exeria.

    Introducing Exeria

    Exeria is an intuitive, intelligent investment platform that enables investors to enter into transactions and operate efficiently in several financial markets. Exeria solves trading and investing problems like what to invest in, when to buy, and when to sell. It is straightforward to use even for new investors. Exeria was founded in 2016 by Piotr Piasecki and Tomasz Korecki to simplify and solve problems for traders and investors, institutional and individual, in the financial services industry. The company uses the latest technology to create solutions enhancing trading capabilities, with the ethos of their development to emphasise convenience, availability, and ease of use for users. Exeria’s software enables algorithmic trading with an online portal with robot-advisory services for investors. It simplifies daily trading and investments, especially for users who lack the time or expertise, providing an efficient and reliable investment approach. Investors can choose a fixed and automated trading system that buys and sells selected stocks and assets at the right moment. You can choose from ready-made portfolios and professionally-developed algorithms to build and test investment strategies without spending all day trading or navigating complex platforms. Exeria brings freedom to traders and investors glued to their screens. It helps to create a controlling mechanism for detailed investment strategies.

    Exeria’s unique advantage

    Exeria enables investing through automation. Invest According to Plan is its fundamental principle. The company provides technologies and tools for companies, advanced investors, and individuals with its flagship robots product, enabling access to unique methods and proprietary algorithms for investment built by Exeria. Investors can create and adjust investment strategies easily using simple drag and drop features. With Exeria’s automation features, the world of investment services becomes accessible 24/7. Whether you’re working, resting, or on vacation, your trading robots are watching quotations, checking prices, and performing your set transactions at the right time. Exeria makes it easy to activate and deactivate trading robots from your smartphone, ensuring that you do indeed invest according to plan. Using Exeria’s advanced investment strategies and tools is within every investor’s reach, regardless of investment size.

    International recognition

    The advanced strategies of Exeria have gained recognition globally. The company won the prestigious Benzinga Fintech Award in the United States in 2017. Millions of users have the opportunity to overcome limitations in the form of unprofitable bank deposits, expensive real estate and funds charging high fees.

    Contributions to the Revenue Capital Ecosystem

    Exeria is built with a global reach in mind. It brings ready-made, unique technologies, a growing customer base and technological support for other portfolio companies in the Revenue Capital ecosystem. Are you a founder in fintech, blockchain, AI, ML, or Web 3 industries? Join the Revenue Capital Accelerator and ecosystem and raise funds without giving away equity. Get started with your application here.

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