• Meet SkyRocket Trade, Our Second Portfolio Company

    Meet SkyRocket Trade, Our Second Portfolio Company

    Meet SkyRocket Trade, Our Second Portfolio Company

    One of the unique aspects of the Revenue Coin and Revenue Capital Accelerator ecosystem is its backing by an allocation of revenues of fast-growing portfolio companies within it. These are startups in fintech, blockchain, AI, ML, and Web 3 industries, driving technological advancements and building the infrastructures of the future and Internet of tomorrow. 

    Continuous increase in Revenue Coin’s value depends on the careful selection of these portfolio companies to be funded. Their expected revenue growth contributes to increasing RVC token value over time. 

    Meet our second selected portfolio company, Skyrocket Trade.

    Introducing Skyrocket Trade 

    Skyrocket Trade provides crypto traders with a powerful trading platform connected with multiple exchanges, allowing access to several algorithmic trading solutions (bots) and building toolkits based on the block system. The platform enables users to develop their own bots quickly and without any programming skills required.

    Total time spent on the SkyRocket platform for trading and orders setup is at least 4x shorter than on competitive platforms, with even more personalised functionalities available. Users can make multiple uses of the same wallet amount for various order setups, increasing their chances for a successful outcome. Users can optimise their orders by placing approximately three instead of one, increasing success prospects by 3x. 

    The Team Behind the Project

    Skyrocket Trade was founded in 2019 by Jarek Bialek and Maciej Cukrowski, both serial entrepreneurs and experienced founders and facilitators within the European Blockchain space.

    Skyrocket Trade

    Skyrocket Trade’s Unique Advantage

    Skyrocket Trade provides several unique tools in the trading platforms’ space, with a clear goal to significantly reduce the time needed to set up an order and allow for multiple setups while using the same amount of financial resources available in your crypto wallet

    Skyrocket Trade’s tools enable users to profit higher while maintaining a high level of transaction security. The platform helps earn profits on the crypto market by providing valuable and personalised tools and functionalities useful for trading success, which are not available to the exchanges themselves.

    Skyrocket Trade’s Proven Record

    Currently, Skyrocket caters to over 3000 active customers and 9000 inactive (holding assets or not actively trading). 

    The company was incorporated with only a $250k bootstrapped investment, plus an additional $80k in exchange for some equity. Skyrocket Trade’s current valuation stands at $5m, considering its technology value, growth, and customer base.

    Contributions to the Revenue Capital Ecosystem

    Skyrocket Trade was developed to power cryptocurrency trading and investments quickly, enabling accessibility and inclusivity for traders and investors worldwide.

    The platform brings ready-made, unique technologies, a growing customer base and technological support for other portfolio companies in the Revenue Capital ecosystem.

    Are you a founder in fintech, blockchain, AI, ML, or Web 3 industries? Join the Revenue Capital Accelerator and ecosystem and raise funds without giving away equity. Get started with your application here.

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