• Revenue Capital Accelerator: Open Call for Startups

    Revenue Capital Accelerator: Open Call for Startups

    Revenue Capital Accelerator is now open to startups in AI, Blockchain, Fintech, ML, and Web 3, looking to scale without diluting ownership in the business.

    We’ve partnered with F6S to open a call for applications from high-tech companies in fintech, blockchain, AI, and web 3.0 technologies.

    Selected companies receive $100k to $1million in funding, support in specific departments: Marketing, Sales, Accounts, Legal, IT Development, and access to a community of investors, partners, and companies with shared markets, infrastructure, and special licences in the Revenue Capital ecosystem. 

    Click here to begin an application

    Startup Criteria

    • AI, Blockchain, Fintech, ML, or Web 3
    • Working prototype in (at least) beta stage
    • Proof of concept or paying users
    • Any location can apply

    How to Apply

    • Teams complete the application form on F6S 
    • Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis
    • Shortlisted teams are invited to a remote interview
    • Depending on their product development stage, Revenue Capital may:
      • Invite successful startups to an investment negotiation phase where the final agreement between a startup and Revenue Capital are agreed
      • Invite successful startups to a monitoring phase where they are monitored and assessed against proposed KPIs for a time

    For more information, visit our website or contact us at [email protected]. Click the button below to apply.

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