• Revenue Capital to expand into the Middle East Private Wealth Markets

    Revenue Capital to expand into the Middle East Private Wealth Markets

    Revenue Capital announces plans to expand into the Middle East to support the local startup ecosystem.

    With much of the Middle East, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Doha having major focuses on sectors such as Fintech, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and Web 3, it is the perfect time for Revenue Capital to introduce itself with its knowledge, experience, and funds into the regional ecosystems. 

    Much of the private sector wealth in the region is looking to diversify into new sectors, and with the number of startups and entrepreneurs dramatically increasing throughout the GCC, now is the time for Revenue Capital to start its journey during these exciting times.

    The Revenue Capital ecosystem creates a strong community of investors and founders through which it funds and supports selected companies without taking any equity or ownership stake. This approach helps high-potential, high-tech startups meet their goals without sacrificing founding interests and long-term objectives while substantially increasing their post-money valuation.

    The Private Investment Group, a company headquartered in Dubai, will be working closely with Revenue Capital to ensure a smooth transition into the ecosystems throughout the Middle East. Through its public and private partnerships, The Private Investment Group is uniquely positioned to ensure the key relationships needed to maximise the success in the region are made, whether they be strategic, financial, or regulatory.  

    Founder and CEO of The Private Investment Group, Alastair Lidel, said, “What Revenue Capital have created is a unique and highly innovative solution to allow private wealth in the GCC region a vehicle for accessing and being part of early-stage ventures. I see a bright and successful future for Jarek and the team here and look forward to supporting them on their journey.”

    Jarek Białek, Managing Partner and co-CEO at Revenue Capital, also said, “We’re happy to expand on our goal to support technologically valuable projects to achieve scale and increase revenues without taking any equity in their business. We believe AI, Blockchain, Fintech, ML, and Web 3 sectors are key to building the future and have made it our mission to make investments in these projects accessible to more investors in the Middle East and worldwide.”

    Revenue Capital and The Private Investment Group have more announcements about their progress supporting startups and investors in the region in the following months.

    About Revenue Capital

    Revenue Capital is a high-tech alternative investment fund developing advanced solutions to improve trading capabilities within traditional financial markets and the crypto industry. For more information, visit or email [email protected].

    About The Private Investment Group

    The Private Investment Group interacts with public and private sector financial companies with a core focus on fundraising support, strategic partnerships, and government relations. The firm is a go-to stop for global businesses looking for smooth GCC market entry. For more information, visit the website

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