• Revenue Coin Partners with to Grow Presence in Asia Markets

    Revenue Coin Partners with to Grow Presence in Asia Markets

    We are pleased to announce our partnership with Tenset –, starting December 2021.

    This partnership, born out of conversations at the just concluded Blockchain Rome Week, heralds Revenue Coin into new Asian markets, where we have no presence yet. 

    As partners, Tenset will be making introductions between Revenue Coin and cryptocurrency players and influencers in the region.

    The goal is to begin to build reputation, goodwill, and trust within the Asia cryptocurrency markets – with investors and founders running Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Fintech, Machine Learning, and Web 3.0 companies.

    Piotr Piasecki, Managing Partner and co-CEO at Revenue Coin, said, “We’re excited about this partnership because the Japanese and Korean investor markets are known to be strong and loyal. We look forward to contributing value to the Asia crypto and startup ecosystem as we look to fund the most innovative founders and operate in the region.”

    Revenue Coin’s partnership with Tenset solidifies the token as one to reckon with in the crypto community. This is an important milestone for the Revenue project, preceding more announcements, partnerships, and debuts to come. 

    As we approach the date for Revenue Coin’s token generation event (TGE), we’re excited to join forces with Tenset.

    Jarek Białek, co-CEO at Revenue Capital, also said. “We are happy for the recent successes of other projects which have partnered and worked with Tenset and Kanga, such as MetaHero’s. We believe that signing this cooperation will bring the positive results expected by all RVC investors.”

    About Revenue Coin

    Revenue Capital is a high-tech alternative investment fund developing advanced solutions to improve trading capabilities within traditional financial markets and the crypto industry. Find out more at

    About Tenset and Kanga

    Tenset is the world’s first project with the goal of breaking the zero-sum rule through the use of a buyback and deflationary mechanism. Find out more at

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