• We’ve Hit Over 50% of Our Soft Cap Goal!

    We’ve Hit Over 50% of Our Soft Cap Goal!

    To achieve our goal of funding and supporting high-potential startups in fintech, blockchain, Web 3, and other innovative spaces, we’re curating a global community of cryptocurrency investors buying $RVC to trade, hodl, and invest in these startups backed by the Revenue ecosystem. 

    Today, we’re happy to announce we’ve hit over 50% of our soft cap goal of $2.5m to fund six startups each year!

    We’re more determined about the work we do behind the scenes and every investor who has believed in us so far. We are not slowing down and encourage you to join us before our Token Generation Event (TGE) this 6 December 2021, when RevCoins go live on major exchanges worldwide.

    Do you want to be a part of those building wealth for the future while supporting visionary high-tech and high-potential founders? Take advantage of our Private Sale stage and join our community today!

    Public Sale begins this 1 November 2021 at $0.012.

    [videopress xiRlsj0K]

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