• Ringing In Our Public Sales Starting Today!

    Ringing In Our Public Sales Starting Today!

    We have successfully closed our Private Sales stage, achieving our maximum raise goal of $2,500,000.

    You can now buy any quantity of RVC tokens for $0.012. To get started, visit the token panel here.

    Revenue Coin has begun Public Sale at $0.012, after reaching our maximum goal of $2.5m in the Private Sale stage. 

    This makes it possible to begin funding and supporting the Revenue ecosystem of high-potential fintech, blockchain, AI, ML, and Web 3 startups and projects across the world. 

    How Revenue Coin works

    1. Interested investors purchase RVC tokens to fund and connect with promising, high-technology companies looking to scale without traditional fundraising or giving away equity.
    2. The money invested by the community of crypto investors via the purchase of RVC is used to fund and support selected portfolio companies in Revenue Capital’s ecosystem.
    3. The funded companies grow their revenues by deploying raised funds and technical support in specific development, sales, and marketing activities.
    4. The companies share up to 10% of their revenue with Revenue Capital, which is then used to buy back and burn RVC tokens, reducing the supply and increasing value over time.

    Aside from the revenue distribution and airtight tokenomics that influence Revenue Coin’s value, investors also benefit through: 

    • Immediate liquidity and exchangeability: RVC holders gain immediate exchangeability of their invested funds on crypto exchanges, unlike the traditional scenario of waiting several years to receive returns on startup investments.
    • Voting rights: RVC holders participate in decision-making involving projects, products, and portfolio companies in the Revenue Capital ecosystem. RVC holders get to decide which projects in the ecosystem receive funding and support. 
    • Means of payment: RVC can make payments for various products in the Revenue Capital ecosystem. Products and services from partner companies are offered at a discount to RVC holders who make payments using RVC.
    • Access to hidden products: RVC holders receive exclusive access to acquire new and existing Revenue Coin products at discounted prices before being listed to the public.

    Join the Public Sale now and don’t miss out at RVC’s lowest price. For any inquiries about the Revenue Coin project, contact the team at [email protected].

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