• Revenue Capital invests in Sayl – the world’s first Owner Relationship Management platform for web3

    Revenue Capital invests in Sayl – the world’s first Owner Relationship Management platform for web3

    Poznan, 1st of August, 2022 – Revenue Capital LLC, a growth solutions provider for on- and off-chain projects, has announced today a funding and support agreement with Sayl, a Belgian company disrupting the CRM sector by providing solutions bringing consumers and brands together in the web3 environment. 

    With Sayl’s “CRM + NFT” model and the delivery of continuous value instead of transactional value, Sayl turns outdated marketing campaigns into rewarding experiences by introducing ‘Engage To Earn’. The received funding will allow Sayl to scale up its current growing client base, with P&G and L’Oréal already among them.

    “The shift from consuming products and services to digital assets ownership, in the form of tokens or NFTs, is a recent phenomenon not to be missed by the established market players. We are excited to see a platform harnessing this new form of relationships, built in the web3 environment, between consumers and brands,” commented Jarek Bialek, CEO of Revenue Capital, “We are also determined to support Sayl in becoming prominent co-creators and players of this space”.

    Revenue Capital aims to disrupt the field of venture capital through its token RVC, which empowers investors of all sizes to fund start-ups and scale-ups that are building the technologies of tomorrow.  They believe that investing in unicorn start-ups and scale-ups should be available for everyone, not just for the wealthy few.

    Sayl is the next project funded, with several other companies on the list to be supported by Revenue Capital. “Being a disrupter ourselves, we appreciate the role Revenue Capital aims to play in the VC ecosystem” says Geert Roete, CEO of Sayl. “Its active role in building connections and forming partnerships with established institutions, like the Municipality of Lugano and its Plan B project, makes it a very interesting partner for us in both short- and long-term perspective.”  

    The relationship between these two companies aims to bring Revenue Capital’s corporate partners and off-chain projects closer to the web3 world, offering them powerful opportunities for integrating and engaging their customers. With this investment, the Revenue Capital community also receives a unique opportunity to watch and participate in various initiatives executed by Sayl in its mission to build membership communities on the blockchain.

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