• SharkGate – Using AI and community to protect from cyber attacks

    SharkGate – Using AI and community to protect from cyber attacks

    You’ve probably heard of the notion that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The SharkGate community believes in this principle wholeheartedly and has used it to create a unique response to cyberattacks that bring down sites by creating immunity against similar attacks on all other websites in the network. 

    By harnessing the power of community, network algorithms, and artificial intelligence, SharkGate aims to eliminate the threat of cyber attacks while also protecting its users from privacy violations. Let’s see how it can be helpful for you. 

    The Technology used in SharkGate

    SharkGate is the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized network that uses the concept of a distributed network. The design of this network means that each site in the network has its server, which means no single point of failure in the system. This is what makes it more resilient to cyber-attacks.

    To ensure that there’s no single point of failure, SharkGate has an automated system that keeps track of all servers and services in the network. If one server is compromised, another takes over its responsibilities. In addition, each site can create its side-chain to ensure security and privacy for all users on it. 

    SharkGate Model – And How it will give your site security

    SharkGate is an open-source, blockchain-based software solution powered by existing cloud platforms. The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect potential threats against any site within a network of sites. 

    The threat information is then shared with all other participating sites in real-time so that they can be protected immediately. By creating a network of cyber security cells within each site, users can share information about potential threats on their networks and other sites without having access to or knowledge of private or sensitive data at those other sites.

    SharkGate’s offering an open-source, real-time virus scanner that acts as a firewall on your machine. It can be installed as software on any computer or as a router application for your network infrastructure.


    The Firewall monitors for suspicious activity – such as automated processes running in the background, unknown software applications opening ports, or messages being sent without going through an encrypted channel (Email, chat applications, services such as Twitter). Once it’s detected, it blocks communications of the offending program until you decide whether to allow it or not.


    SharkGate works because of the collective memory that it provides. This is not artificial intelligence in itself but rather a tool for monitoring the internet’s physical memory of every attack worldwide. The next time another attack similar to the last occurs on any site, SharkGate will recognize that attack—and all of the sites that fell victim will be alerted immediately. If the network has enough bandwidth, they can even patch their security holes before the attack can harm them.


    SharkGate harnesses Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, and Blockchain technology. In essence, it is a unique ecosystem that uses Artificial Intelligence and real-time feedback to ward off Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that are harmful to both regular internet users and website owners. SharkGate’s team has developed an advanced set of algorithms that analyze user behavior on websites.

    SharkGate and Tokenomics

    SharkGate is not only incentivized by a tokenomics model to contribute value in terms of threat data but also by users. Token owners will be able to earn additional tokens for using or validating data on particular sites or for contributing their data through inputs. 

    SharkGate becomes an active contributor to protection against future cyber threats by making crowdsourced security valuable for everyone involved. Cyber threats are becoming more complex and sophisticated every day. 

    Therefore, people are encouraged to join because they have a self-interest in becoming part of a network that will help them secure their sites while also protecting other people’s sites.

    Team and its experience

    Team and its experience

    Here is something about the people behind the project

    Jonathan Morrissey


    Certified Architect and Application Developer with over 25 years of experience working on mission-critical and high throughput large-scale systems.

    Marc Roberts


    Founder of a popular Threat Analysis Website and Scam Detection System that is now used by millions of users.

    Tomi Kervinen


    Over 25 years of IT project experience. Owned and ran outsource teams providing all of the technical services for Nokia’s global B2B portal and eCommerce systems.

    The SharkGate team has been working on the project for 20 years and has been involved in the development of several projects that have already been implemented in various industries. The SharkGate team members have extensive experience in:

    Cybersecurity – The development of the first decentralized network for cybersecurity purposes, including DDoS mitigation, data analysis, and threat detection;

    Distributed Ledger Technology – Development of a cryptocurrency-based ecosystem for IoT devices;

    Machine Learning – Development of algorithms that can detect cyber threats based on user behavior.

    Artificial Intelligence – Development of algorithms that can detect cyber threats based on user behavior.

    SharkGate’s mission is to empower the world by creating a distributed network for cybersecurity purposes. The SharkGate team will utilize the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide solutions for security issues that are currently plaguing our world today.

    Future Prospects and Roadmap Of SharkGate

    SharkGate team has a clear business strategy and will release plugins to all significant app marketplaces in the near future, allowing users to create and use their Immune Batteries within every app installed on their devices. This can help significantly lower the risk of getting hit by similar attacks and malware. 

    SharkGate also plans to expand its services from the current DDoS protection to a broader range of threat monitoring and protection, similar to what the company is offering today. SharkGate will also offer more security tools for both regular users and website owners and an effective way of sharing data across the network.

    The SharkGate team is fully committed to keeping users safe from malicious attacks and will continue working towards this goal.

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