• Voting Panel for Revenue Ecosystem is Coming!

    Voting Panel for Revenue Ecosystem is Coming!

    Our voting panel enters the final stage of development. With the last touches to be done on its backend side it should be ready by the end of February. 

    In the panel, RVC holders can learn more about and actively recommend shortlisted projects for their last stage of fundraising with us. The projects are described using the easy-to-grasp visual RAG system, based on the traffic light concept :vertical_traffic_light:.

    They are presented using the following evaluation criteria: 

    1. Team
    2. Pain Points
    3. Value Proposition
    4. Product
    5. Go To Market
    6. Customer Traction
    7. Financial Traction
    8. Business Model
    9. Community
    10. Revenue Capital Ecosystem
    11. Competition

    Each of them is carefully evaluated by our analysts before the projects are shortlisted and introduced to you, with our insights presented and additionally highlighted by one of the three colours of the traffic light: red, amber and green. 
    We’ll be announcing more details on the selection and voting criteria soon in the dedicated posts focused on each of the above criteria.

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